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Saint Patrick is famous for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ

across Ireland—but Saint Patrick was not Irish! 

He was kidnapped as a young boy, taken to Ireland, and enslaved. Years

later he escaped. God then called Patrick back to Ireland, a place with a

history of deep pain and injustice for him, to lead the Irish people and

culture to redemption through the truth of the gospel. Saint Patrick obeyed God’s calling and went back to Ireland; yet, he did not go alone. He took a team of clergy, lay people, and students with him. Many would argue that this was a vital party of his mission’s success.

And much like Saint Patrick’s story, we believe that the call to make disciples is not the burden of one man, but the joy of the whole church. And much like Ireland during Saint Patrick’s life, Dallas is a beautiful place in need of redemption through Christ’s love that a church community filled with grace and hope can bring.

A fun side note: In many illustrated depictions of Saint Patrick you will see snakes and a three leaf clover. This is because Saint Patrick was known for using the 3 leaf clover to aid in describing the Trinity and while just a fun Irish myth—many believe there are no snakes in Ireland because Saint Patrick prayed them away!

Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me,
The story of Saint Patrick and the calling of our Church body
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