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The Chosen: Review

​During the beginning months of Covid-19 lockdowns, I regularly saw YouTube previews of a show called The Chosen. I knew that I had to watch it since it depicted a perfect human Jesus ministering to, living with, and working with His disciples. My wife Allison and I watched all 8 episodes of Season 1, and we loved every minute.

The Chosen, produced by Dallas Jenkins, is an extremely real depiction of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ—His perfect humanity being on full display. It also depicts the very real experiences of His disciples, as well as those of the Hebrew and Roman officials during Jesus’s day. Jesus is depicted as a man who relates to others just like we do—even to the point of laughing and smiling like us. He shows perfect compassion to His disciples when they try to figure things out for themselves instead of listening to Him. The supporting characters are portrayed as real human beings to whom we can relate.

Peter is enthusiastic about everything, which also makes him impulsive and desperate to try to get the answer correct on his own understanding. Nicodemus is a learned teacher of the law, but he looks at the evidence of Jesus’s life and believes on Jesus as the Lord even though his fellow Pharisees believeotherwise. Nicodemus also struggles like any of us might inforsaking our position of influence to follow Jesus fully. Matthew knows he is despised by his people for being a tax collector, and when Jesus asks him to follow Him, he is confused and thinks that He is surely speaking to someone else.Even one of the Roman soldiers begins to question his reality as the popularity of Christ increases.

Some of the best parts cover the attention to detail of some of the stories. One such story is the Wedding at Cana. We are shown the important, noticeable detail not only Jesus turning water into wine, but turning it into the best wine when the best wine would normally have been consumed. We are shown that when Jesus tells his mother that His hour has not yet come, that is because He had not begun His ministry yet. Another example is the woman at the well. Before Jesus and His disciples are shown to journey to that spot, we see a flashback where Jacob used that same well in Canaan centuries ago. Other such details are shown with the catching of the fish, with the lowering through the roof, and with the healing of a leper.

The Chosen is a miniseries that depicts the life of Jesus Christ in meticulous detail. It shows that He is divine, and at the same time it shows He is a perfect human. Being a perfect human does not exempt Him from moments of lightheartedness, and these moments are sprinkled throughout the show. I will be paying for the remainder of the series, and I look forward to growth of characters such as Nicodemus, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Matthew, and the Roman centurion. If you are looking for a true look into the earthly life of our Lord, this is ashow that depicts it exceptionally well.

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